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STATUTE of the Airmen Association of the Czech Republic

Its wording was authorized by the Ministry of the Interior
PRAGUE. 4th Oct.. 2000



of the Airmen Association of the Czech Republic

(its wording was authorized by the Ministry of the Interior)

PRAGUE. 4th  Oct.. 2000

Article 1

General provisions

1.1 The name of the organization is


1.2 The seat of AA CR is Prague. its address: The Airmen Association of the Czech Republic, Kbely Airport, 197 06 Praha 9.

1.3 The activities of AA CR are realized on the territory of the Czech Republic.

1.4 The Statute and the AA CR Organizational Rules and their changes are negotiated and approved by the Congress of AA CR. Their interpretations or changes between Congresses are carried out by the National Committee of AA CR (herein NC AA CR) that is obliged to publish such interpretations or changes and have them discussed at the next Congress of AA CR.

Article 2

Mission of AA CR

2.1 AA CR is an independent, non-profit-making, voluntary, professional, social organization.

2.2 AA CR groups physical and juristic persons and organizations that have been by means of their profession, interest or orientation of business activities connected with air force, aviation, and parachuting.

2.3 AA CR follows up with patriotic and democratic traditions of the pre-war and post-war Airmen Association, with its special interest and social function in the society, and as a successor of its traditions takes over its symbolism.

2.4 AA CR defends and pushes through civil, social, legal, cultural rights and other justifiable claims of its members both inside the organizations in which it works and in the relation towards the society.

Article 3

Activities of AA CR

3.1 AA CR enables all its members to express their opinions freely and informally.

3.2 AA CR enters into dealings with the Defense and Security Committee of the CR Parliament and with the organs of the Ministry of the Defence of the Czech Republic through the mediation of the "Soldiers Together Association". To the organs of the state administration, political, social, cultural societies and civic initiatives, it submits proposals, instigations. Recommendations, attitudes and complaints especially in the area of social, cultural, health, material and other security of its members, their families and survivors of deceased airmen.

3.3 It presses the interests of its members during the preparation of legal and other norms by means of the "Soldiers Together Association", or as the case may be, independently, if the interest of AA CR members requires it.

3.4 If possible, it establishes relief funds for the benefit of its members.

3.5 According to the local conditions and possibilities, it organizes legal and other expert counseling help in its province.

3.6 It cooperates with similar organizations abroad.

Article 4

Membership of AA CR

4.1 The citizens of the Czech Republic can be individual members of AA CR on condition they are the citizens:

a) who worked or work aboard aircraft either independently or as members of their crews, and parachutists;

b) who are cadets or students preparing for their profession according to a);

c) who worked or work aboard aircraft either independently or as members of their crews on the basis of a corresponding license, and parachutists who do not belong to the group under a).

4.2 The members of the Union of the Czechoslovak Foreign Airmen 1939 -1945, the members of the Airmen Association of Free Czechoslovakia in London. and other contemporary and former airmen of ours living abroad, even if they are not citizens of the Czech Republic, can become individual members of AA CR.

 4.3 Those who have caused with their actions any discrimination or persecution of both foreign and other members of air force, aviation, because of political reasons since 1948 cannot become individual members.

4.4 Juristic persons or civic unions with their seat in the Czech Republic or abroad can be collective members.

4.5 The conditions of the inception and the end of a membership are pinpointed by the Organizational Rules of AA CR (herein OR AA CR) approved by the AA CR Congress.

Article 5

Organs of AA CR

5.1 The basic element of the AA CR organizational structure is a branch that is formed by a membership basis composed of  physical or juristic persons. As a rule. it is set up in places of the concentration of a potential membership basis.

The minimum number of branch members is five. By means of a secret election, branch members elect a committee composed of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary -economic organizer, if need be, of other functionaries, and of a control board with an odd number of members. The highest organ of a branch is its General Meeting (a meeting of members).

a) Every branch is directed by its own plan or activities. It realizes its activity in harmony with the AA CR Statute,  and the conception accepted by the AA CR Congress respecting the enactments and obligatory norms or AA CR.

b) In branches, it is possible to establish AA Clubs in which  non-flying members or the air force, aviation, or persons  showing interest in that activity can group. The branches  themselves, within their own terms, lay out the statute of  their membership, organizational incorporation and activities in the branch.

c) The committee specifies the range or paperwork because the list or branch members must be kept on the prescribed blank forms, and the same is valid for  the principles and rules or the branch economization with financial and material means. The branch sends off the  copies of list cards to the secretariat of AA CR within a month since the entry of a new member.

d) To fulfil its tasks every branch is entitled to require an expert help of the AA CR organs. According to its  necessities and economic possibilities it has the right to  act and engage a third party, but such obligations must not be at variance with the AA CR mission. AA CR is not responsible for such obligations.

e) Branches have the right to edit their own printed materials in harmony with the AA CR Statute and with the  observance or publishing rights, copyrights and the laws of the Czech Republic.

.2 The Congress of AA CR is the highest organ of AA CR. It is  rightful to make a decision on all the matters of AA CR. The  Congress is convened by the NC AA CR at an interval or three  years at the most. The Congress can be convened in case of  demand of the branches for its convening, if more than a half of registered branches does that.

a) Participants in the Congress:

-the delegates of branches elected at their meetings of members

-the members of  NC AA CR and the AA CR control board (herein CB AA CR)

-representatives or collective members

-invited guests

Only the delegates elected in their branches have the  mandate with casting votes.

The other participants have advisory votes only.

b) NC AA CR must inform the branches or the key to the  election of delegates at least two months before the  Congress. The number or delegates depends on the quantity of branch members, but every branch must be represented at the Congress.

c) The Presidium or AA CR prepares the Congress  organizationally (herein PR AA CR). For the Congress,  it must secure the formulation of the proposal or the rule or procedure, its agenda, annual report of the activities and results or economization. and other documents indispensable to the Congress. All the paperwork connected with the preparation of the  Congress, meant for the delegates, must be delivered to  them at least a fortnight before the beginning of the Congress.

d) CB AA CR prepares an audit report including the AA CR  economization that is a part of materials submitted to the delegates according to Article 5.2c.

e) The Congress investigates and approves:

-the report of  PR AA CR

-the audit report of  CB AA CR

-the Statute of AA CR. its changes and supplements,  if need be

-Organizational Rules of AA CR, its interpretation and  supplements carried out by PR AA CR on top of that the Congress:

-elects the members of PR AA CR and CB AA CR

-determines the programme and basic aims of AA CR up to the next Congress

-approves and adopts a resolution

5.3 The National Committee of AA CR (herein NC AA CR) is made up of the branch chairmen. members of the Presidium. chairman of  the Control Board or his substitute.

a) The NC AA CR chairman is the chairman of PR AA CR, who

 uses the title: "Chairman of the Airmen Association of the Czech Republic".

b) NC AA CR decides on all the questions that are not  exclusively in the competence of the AA CR Congress. Above all, it decides on the make-up and cast of the  secretariat and its wage claims. It is a place of appeal in the period between two Congresses. It is responsible for the observance of the Statute and DR AA CR. It  investigates and gives its blessing to the annual budget  and the use of financial means.

c) The negotiation of NC AA CR is run by its own rule of procedure.

5.4 The Presidium of AA CR is elected during a secret election in number of thirteen members and four substitutes by the AA CR Congress.

a) At the head of the Presidium is the chairman and vice- chairmen who are elected by the members of PR AA CR at the first meeting held on the day of the Congress.

b) The term of office of PR AA CR ends on the day of the next Congress and after the approval of the Presidium work (presentation of the absolute).

c) The PR AA CR negotiations are run by the own rule of  procedure that must have a solution in case that a function of a PR AA CR is given up.

5.5 The Control Board of AA CR is elected during a secret election  in number of five members and one substitute by the AA CR Congress.

a) CB AA CR is responsible for the inspection of the  financial and property economization of AA CR.

b) At the head of CB AA CR is the chairman and vice-chairman who are elected by the members of the CB AA CR at the first meeting held on the day of the Congress.

c) The negotiations of CB AA CR are run by the own rule of  procedure that must have a solution in case that a function of a CB member is given up. The rule of  procedure of CB AA CR is approved by the NC AA CR.

5.6 The secretariat of AA CR consists of paid and voluntary workers  from the members of AA CR. The chairmen of sections are members of the secretariat. Sections are formed by the NC AA CR  according to the existing situation.

a) NC AA CR determines the make-up of the secretariat and its security. Every collective member has a right to take part in the activities of the secretariat.

b) Rights and duties of the secretariat workers must be specified by means of the description of functions  and working activities. Where the execution of the function is not connected with any salary, the description of the function and working activities is an honest pledge of the AA CR member concerned.

c) The AA CR secretariat is run by its head, who is not a statutory representative and the range of his competence is determined by the description of his  function and working activities. He can represent the AA CR only in such a given range.

5.7 The secretariat is an administratively organizational apparatus of the Presidium and the National Committee of AA CR.

5.8 The rules of election, removal from office and charging a member with a function are determined by the OR AA CR and rules of procedure of individual organs.

5.9 The election period of all elected organs takes three years.

Article 6

Legal subjectivity and economization

6.1 The AA CR as a whole has a legal subjectivity and is registered as an independent,  voluntary, professional, non-profit-making,  civilian association at the Ministry of the Interior.

6.2 The branches have an independent, legal subjectivity.

6.3 The AA CR realizes its activity by means of own material and financial means. To increase its economic possibilities it can found commercial companies.

6.4 Only the statutory representatives, namely the chairman and vice-chairman, are competent to perform legal acts in the name of legal subjects. They can authorize a physical or juristic person to plead the case for a subject. The

 authorization must be carried out in a written form and must have relevance specified according to the law.

6.5 The branches are not responsible for the commitments of the AA CR, and the AA CR is not responsible for the commitments of the branches.

6.6 The chairman and vice-chairman act on AA CR's behalf  independently.

Article 7


7.1 The principles or the economization or AA CR and its branches are determined by "Directions or AA CR for the economization  with financial and material means". Membership subscriptions  and takings from own economic activities are a source or receipts.

7.2 NC AA CR decides on the amount or money from registration

 fees, membership subscriptions and profit or branches in  favor or central AA CR organs. The financial contributions  pinpointed by NC AA CR can be increased by individual branches.

7.3 The results or AA CR economization are subject to review or NC AA RR once a year at least. CB AA CR also verifies the results or economization in the same interval.

Article 8

Liquidation or AA CR and its branches

7.1 The Congress can decide on the liquidation or AA CR. In such a case, NC AA CR set s up a liquidating committee that will treat the AA CR property according to the  resolution or the Congress.

7.2 The meeting or members decides on the liquidation of a branch. A branch comes to an end on the day when the number or its members goes down under five members. The  remaining members pass to other branches according to their decision. The property or such a branch is divided according to the resolution of the General meeting.

Article 9

Final provision

8.1 By means or its integrational ability, AA CR tries to unite organizations, institutions, as well as businesses going in for air problems.

8.2 AA CR informs the general public or its activity as well as the activity or collaborating native and foreign  organizations, gives publicity to air force, aviation, by  means or mass media, publications and printed materials. I t edits a series with air themes and “ ZPRAVODAJ” (Reporter, a magazine) for the internal use.

8.3 The Statute or AA CR was accepted by the AA CR Congress

on 15th April, 2000, and it comes into force on the day or

its registration by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.


Michal URBAN                                                Ing. Stanislav FILIP

AA CR Secretary                                              AA CR Chairman



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