Major General Ing. Jiří Kubala President of the CAA

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Major General Ing. Jiří Kubala,

President of the Airmen Union of the Czech Republic.

Born 16th November 1955 at Frýdek-Místek.
In 1979 he completed his studies at the Air Force Military Academy at Košice.
From 1979 to 1981 he was a pilot-instructor in Libya.
After his return he served as a pilot, squadron-chief-of-staff and section-leader
at the 6th Fighter-Bomber Air regiment at Přerov.
After graduating from his course at the Military Academy in Brno in 1988,
he became Air-Gunnery and Air-Safety Inspector at the the6th Fighter-Bomber Air regiment,
Senior Inspector in the 1st sls and Pilot Inspector in the 3rd Tactical Air Base at Hradec Králové.
In 1993 he completed his studies at the Air Military College in Paris.
Betweem 1st of March 1994 to 30th of June 1997 he was Commander
of the 32nd Tactical Air Base at Namest nad Oslavou.
From July 1997 to December 2002 he was Deputy Commander of the Czech Air Force in Stará Boleslav.
Up to the end of 2004 Military Air Attaché the Czech Embassy in India.
On 31st of December 2004 he retired from active military service.
Major-General Kubala achieved almost 2000 flying hours mostly in types
L-29, MiG-21 and Su-22 but was also familiar with Mirage F1, Jaguar, Tornado,
T-38, F-16, Su-25, JAS Gripen and L-159 aircraft.

During his military service Maj. Gen. Kubala had been awarded with various medals and distinctions.
He was awarded Cross of Merit - 2nd Class by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic,
for his skilled management of air rescue operations during the disastrous floods in 1997.